Organic Make-Up & Beauty Recipes

My personal recipe for ORGANIC After Bath Oil

Use organic and good quality ingredients. There is a cost to obtaining the ingredients but well worth the investment. I already use the supplements listed therefore the only additional expense was the oils.

1 C Grapeseed Oil

3 Vitamin A & D Soft Gel Caps

5 Vitamin E Soft Gel Caps

1 Astaxanthin Gel Cap (Anti-oxidant)

1 Co Q-10 Soft Gel Cap

1 1/2 Dropper full Argan Oil

1 1/2 Droppers full Squaline oil

2 Tbs. Castor oil

8 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil – Optional

This recipe can be tweaked to fit your age and your needs. I use Grapeseed Oil because it is fairly light and is skin friendly. Apricot seed oil, Almond Oil etc can also be used for base oil. I do not recommend Olive oil as it goes rancid too quickly. Use your imagination and intuition to create what is just right for you.

Organic Spa Recipe Hair Spray – Flexible Hold

This recipe is used in high end health spas. (No it is not sticky!)  😉  It is NOT a 80’s stiff starchy max hold formula, just a natural comfortable hold and smells yum!

For brunettes use orange and blondes use lemons.

1 whole orange or lemon

2 C distilled water

3 tablespoons of vodka

10 drops of Lavender essential oil or oil of your choice

Cut lemon or orange into sections and boil until the liquid reduces to 1/2 then cool and strain through cheese cloth.

Mix the vodka and essential oil in separate bowl then add to the 1 cup of fruit juice. If you are short on 1 cup of fruit mixture add distilled water until it equals 1 cup.

Pour into spray bottle and refrigerate between uses.


Zero Chemical Hair Styling Gel – Flex Hold Formula

1/4 tsp. natural unflavored gelatin

1/2 Cup hot distilled water

1 Tbs. Vodka

8 drops Essential oil of your choice – optional

Mix well and put in fridge until set. Then add vodka and mix well. Put in squeeze bottle. Refrigerate between uses.


DIY Cucumber Facial Toner

1/3 C Fresh Organic Cucumber Juice Well strained and without visible fibers.

3 Tbs. Distilled water

2 Tbs. Vodka

Mix in bottle. Use as any toner.


Epsom Salt Hair Volumizer

Dissolve 1 tablespoon epsom salt in enough water to dissolve, appx. 2 tablespoons. Mix with equal amount of non toxic hair conditioner. Leave in 20 minutes before rinsing.


Antioxidant Facial Tomato Scrub

Tomatoes contain beneficial properties for the skin. They are slightly acidic and therefore loosen dead skin cells. Great for your face but can be used all over on the body.

Slice a tomato and dip in organic granulated sugar or Turbinado sugar. Rub on the area you are exfoliating.


Citrus and Sea Salt Sugar Body Scrub

1/2 C Sea Salt ex. Himalayan or – Epsom Salt works too but run in coffee grinder to reduce the size of crystals but do NOT powder.

1/4 C Grape Seed Oil

1/4 C Almond Oil

1 Tablespoon Grated rind from an orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit

Mix and keep in shower. Rub on and to exfoliate and conditions skin without soap.  Rinse off, of course!


 DIY Body Spray

2 Tablespoons Vodka

1 Tablespoon Distilled Water

4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

12 Drops Citrus Oil

Or use your favorite blend of essential oils to create your favorite scent.


All Natural Toothpaste
1/4 tsp peppermint oil
1/4 tsp spearmint
1/4 cup arrowroot
1/4 cup powdered orrisroot
1/4 cup water
1 tsp ground sage
Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add water until the paste is desired the
consistency. Store at room temperature in a tightly covered jar.
You can also substitute 1/2 tsp each of oil of cinnamon and oil of cloves for
peppermint/spearmint if desired.
Sweet Balm/Gloss
2 tsp beeswax OR Cocoa Butter (Purchase cheaply at dollar store)
1 tsp honey
7 tsp castor oil or jojoba or sweet almond oil
1/8 tsp. Flavor oil
Melt the oil and beeswax together in a little pan over low heat until
the beeswax is melted. Take off the stove and then add in your honey
and whisk it all together. When the mixture is nearly cool add in your
flavor oil, mix it up again and then pour into your lip balm container.
Since this comes out to be more like a gloss you can always add more
beeswax to it so that it is a little harder. Maybe another 1/2 tsp would
do it.
Cold Sore & Chapped Lip Balm
3 oz almond oil
2 tsp pure honey
1/2 oz beeswax OR Cocoa Butter (Purchase cheaply at dollar store)
1 tsp tea tree oil
Melt all together and stir while cooling.