YOUTUBE’S 10,000 ENFORCER STASI SQUAD EXPOSED ~F.A.C.T.S. about what is really going on


F.A.C.T.S. about what is really going on

By SGTreport 
Published on Mar 1, 2018

The You Tube PURGE of conservative channels has drawn mainstream media attention, and You Tube is calling the purge “a mistake”. Here’s the TRUTH about what is really going on. You Tube formed its own 10,000 strong secret thought police that includes the enemy of Christianity, free speech and the second amendment, The Southern Poverty Law Center. Even though the Richie From Boston channel has been restored, dozens of other channels are still either terminated or under fire.

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Today You Tube PURGED the Richie From Boston channel. He HAD 150,000 subscribers. You Tube also terminated the Jordan Sather channel. The fascist “Winston Smiths” at You Tube are now targeting investigative journalist Jerome Corsi too. Is this discrimination of political speech legal? I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re an entity under the Google umbrella. Just ask former Google engineer and truth teller James Damore.

Questioning the Florida shooting seems to be the common theme that brought these channels down. So in the spirit of stupidity and what ought to be a FREE PRESS, I’m going there too.

From Doreen

David Hogg gets called out by fellow students

Live scene: Gun control activist David Hogg kibbitzing with students. Hogg’s debate partner says, “He is not supposed to be in our school. He is 25 and from California.” to which Hogg responds “Shocking.”

It’s time America and the world know the truth.

SOURCE Henry Makow with thanks\

We can spread the word so that more humans get on the same page. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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5 Responses to YOUTUBE’S 10,000 ENFORCER STASI SQUAD EXPOSED ~F.A.C.T.S. about what is really going on

  1. lozzafun says:

    not you too??…. So sorry to hear that…. hope you have a back up channel like so many others… Don’t give up!… You gotta outwit these devils…. Good luck an keep us posted!

  2. I have long suspected the Southern Poverty Law Center of CIA connections – the media they put out has always seemed too polarized and propaganda-like. US intelligence seems determined to fan the flames of a phony cultural war between Americans who live on the coasts against those who live in the heartland.

  3. Negdog says:

    They shut me down last night

  4. lozzafun says:

    Neg…. so sorry this has happened to you…. No end to the censoring and information interference…

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