“IceAge Shift:10,000-yr Collection of Clues to decode a Holocene Mystery” w/ Randall Carlson (2008)


Visit http://awarestate.com/exclusive to receive direct email announcements about new articles, books, classes, online appearances, videos, etc… In Randall’s engaging circuitous speaking style, he loops around linking various fascinating factors to foster comprehension of real, natural, sudden and serious climatic shifts, including: how the ‘Little Ice Age’ gave clues that there was a ‘Big’ ice age; that catastrophic events tend to erase evidence of prior catastrophes; the difficulties with explaining glacial/inter-glacial cycles; the message of the Greenland ice cores; societies that don’t adapt go extinct like during the literally ‘Dark’ Ages; the ‘Titanic Effect’ and preparing for the inevitable next catastrophe; what effect the entire nuclear arsenal would have on Antarctica; the unresolved ‘Energy Paradox’ and other simultaneous shifts that comprise the ‘Holocene Mystery’

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