Warmist Scientist Admits: Our Models Were Wrong -World isn’t Warming as Predicted

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Even leading alarmist Ben Santer, lead author of a paper in Nature Geoscience, now admits the world isn’t warming as predicted by global warming models. Even Michael Mann, who produced the infamous hockey stick, has put his name to this paper.

From the abstract:

In the early twenty-first century, satellite-derived tropospheric warming trends were generally smaller than trends estimated from a large multi-model ensemble.

The problem is the models on which the global warming scare is based were simply wrong:

We conclude that model overestimation of tropospheric warming in the early twenty-first century is partly due to systematic deficiencies in some of the post-2000 external forcings used in the model simulations.

James Delingpole describes Santer’s colorful history in the climate wars since he was outed in the Climategate scandal.

Sceptical scientists identified this problem years ago:

John Christy, who collects satellite temperature data out of the University of Alabama-Huntsville, has testified before Congress on the failure of models to predict recent global warming.

Christy’s research has shown climate models show 2.5 times more warming in the bulk atmosphere than satellites and weather balloons have observed.

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2 Responses to Warmist Scientist Admits: Our Models Were Wrong -World isn’t Warming as Predicted

  1. Here’s an excellent radio interview from April in which an astronomer explains the Solar Grand Minimum cycle. Because climate modeling failed to take account of this, the earth is warming much more slowly than climatologists originally predicted: http://www.gunsandbutter.org/blog/2017/04/05/solar-grand-minimums-magnetic-reversals-and-ice-ages

  2. lozzafun says:

    Thank you for sharing this link… I am listening to this podcast a second time… He speaks alot about the influence of the sun … I like that this presentation is presenting the variables in climate & weather science… He speaks about the difference between ‘climate and weather’ and that most of the climate experts are confusing the public with mis-info by attempting to integrate the two…

    In the mean time, Minnesota is suffering from a mighty cool summer… Farmers were slow to plant due to the killer frost, a year ago, which has them in a hyper cautious mode… It is not likely that the goal of ‘knee high corn, by the 4th of July’, is going to materialize here!.. There are frost warnings out for several parts of our state and also South Dakota and North Dakota… We are setting COLD RECORDS again this year..

    The beauty of Minnesota, for me, is that our summers are always very warm, with many days over 100F … My air conditioner sits idol and the furnace is still in use at night when temperatures fall… Not normal at all… … Every spring, I look forward to the hot summer days that I was accustomed to in my youth.. I can remember maybe 3 days, this summer, where the temp reached the high 80’s and it was for just a few hours… Not at all the Minnesota temps, where we all raced to do outdoor work before noon!.. That practice was ‘normal’ for Minnesotans in summer …Instead we get what the weather man calls’ unseasonably cool temps’ and hot summer days are just not happening… I keep hoping! “) … Still wearing sweat shirts in SW Minnesota…

    Thanks again for the link to the pod cast!

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