The Missing OAN Report on Seth Rich, 1650 – (Important info, now removed from OAN website, has been recovered)

The Still Report

Published on May 29, 2017

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on The Missing OAN Report on Seth Rich, 1650

Synopsis: But first of all a word about Memorial Day – my favorite holiday because the weather is always nice. We give this, the best day to remembering the one million Americans who have given their lives in battle to defend this great experiment in freedom for the common person.
My dad and Beth’s dad flew in B-17s with the 8th Air Force over Germany, and then paid for its rebuilding. … That’s all I’ve got to say on that.
God bless you, Dad, and God bless every veteran who has defended the freedoms that many of us take for granted and today are under direct assault from a new kind of enemy – an enemy within.
So, may God bless all of you who have enlisted in this battle over the lack of a proper investigation into the death of another brave warrior for American freedom, Seth Rich.

Some kind person sent me this out of the blue this morning. It’s a recording off their TV set that I believe this is the missing OAN report on Seth Rich which was pulled from their website. So please forgive the imperfect quality, but the information is just a great summary of where we are now.
Next is a horrible editing mistake that a video editor can lose his job over if something like this got out over the air. There are missing words. I’ll try to fill in with my best guess.
Congressional Democrats are desperately trying to bury the murder of Seth Rich because it potentially can destroy their only shot at impeaching President Trump – if they can make a case that he or his staff committed espionage with the Russians.
So, their party line of attack goes like this:
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