The Plan Has Been Revealed and Everyone Needs to Brace for Impact

.~@ Are we actually this close at this time?… Maybe as this is being implemented behind the scenes  Global Currency Reset … I thought it was supposed to be a ‘revaluation’ ?

Forbidden Knowledge TV

The X22Report says that Trump’s firing of Comey now has the Deep State in a panic. After firing Comey, Trump then met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and then he met with Henry Kissinger.

Dave from the X22Report says that the firing of Comey was meant as a signal from Trump that he will not sit by anymore, the old way of doing business is over. While the Deep State has been pushing for war, Trump has been planning something else with China and North Korea. Is this the “3D chess” everyone’s been talking about?

The “One Belt, One Road” initiative is a massive infrastructure plan of roads and rails from Asia to Europe, which will circumvent the US’ current dominance of the sea lanes used for most of the cargo shipments out of Asia, controlled via “choke points” patrolled by the US Navy.

One Belt” member nations will be having a major meeting next week, to which the US was studiously not invited. Member nations encompass about 60 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and East Africa. Trump ally, Filipino President Duterte recently met with China to talk about the Philippines joining the initiative.

Dave from X22 warns that the world is about to get more chaotic than ever before, because the only way to weaken the Deep State is to defund them, which is why Dave says Trump intends to collapse the economy and the Central Banking system, which will result in a very uncomfortable period for those of us who survive it.

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