Bundy, the True Story – Please don’t miss this!


 (via email) Hi All,

I have been told that Ammon Bundy has been treated with cruel and unusual punishment by several of the guards at the Nevada Southern Detention Center here in Pahrump.  It is my understanding this latest occurrence was done to Ammon as punishment because he and his brother Ryan, have been protesting the unreasonable amount of unfounded cavity searches that the guards are doing to them several times a day.  I was also told that the Librarian has made racist remarks to them and not allowed them proper use of that Library to work on their defense case. 

People are deeply concerned that someone who works for the facility is going to kill them, either on purpose or by accident to keep them from going to and testifying at their trial since they were found not guilty in the Oregon case.  Ammon has marks on him that need to be documented and treated by an outside, non-bias facility.  It is the peoples opinion and request that Ammon, Ryan, and Cliven Bundy all need to be moved to a different public facility immediately, as it is quite apparent that none of them are safe in the Nevada Southern Detention Facility. 

I was personally told by a front desk detention guard during a visit to the facility, that these are Federal Prisoners and that they do what ever the Feds. tell them to do with them when they bring them there.  That is a broad statement so you can read between the lines.  Remember the famous Declarations by some that this is only a Detention Facility, not a Prison.  Since when is paid staff allowed to treat any prisoner in this manner, yet alone, ones who have not even been declared guilty in a Court of Law or by a Jury of their Priors!  By the way, the guards took video of this abuse as it was happening!!!  

Please see attachment below and address this request to the proper authorities ASAP before any more harm is done.

Thank you for caring,
Donna Cox
Nye County Commissioner
Pahrump NV.

March On Nevada Southern Prison Public 

Hosted by David Seim and 4 others

May 5 – May 18
May 5 at 1 PM to May 18 at 4 PM

Prison abuse must stop. Come to the prison in the desert. Invite, Share Join. We need to come together in a bold non violent stand.

On May 4th Nevada Southern Detention guards tortured Ammon Bundy for 13 hours, dislocated his shoulder, made him set it himself and filmed while mocking him, then tossed him naked into solitary.

The abuse of staff at Nevada Southern and prisons across nation to prisoners of all colors and factions must stop and we must rise up to stop it.

People are traveling form around the county to gather and camp out in the area. We will rally and stand united for all abuses prisoners. It’s not about Republicans, democrats color or faction. It’s about human rights.

There’s lots of open desert in the area. Bring water, tents, campers etc. We need a groundswell to stand up and bring attention to what’s happening in out prisons.

If you are unable to come in person at this time spread the word and support those who can. Also make these phones ring off the hook.

Nevada Governer: 775 684 5670
Ny County Sheriff: (775) 751-7000
Nevada Southern Prison: (775) 751-4500

You can also support the legal team: ammonbundydefense.com

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