Climate Change Protesters Canceled March in Colorado After Snowstorm Dumps Over 1 Foot of Snow

~@ The organizers should have been safe to plan this Protest by this date, but like it or not, the warming is just NOT arriving!..During 90 % of my history as a gardener, I was able to plant my garden (and sweat while I was doing it) by the first of May…. Throughout history, planting potatoes on Good Friday, in my area was recommended… You cannot plant potatoes in STILL FROZEN soil… I live in Minnesota and as a sun worshiping teenager, I was very dark by Memorial Day!… We had ‘killer frost’ in the middle of May last year… I have noticed that this year, farmers have NOT yet plowed their fields, let alone planted… Guess they learned their lesson last year…. Minnesota has a MUCH SHORTER growing season than I can ever remember… BTW I woke to 2 inches of snow this AM, which is way less than forecasted – up to 12 inches was forecasted…



Left-wing protesters are participating in ‘climate change’ protests across the country today, however; the activists in Colorado had to postpone their plans today because a huge spring snowstorm dumped up to a foot of snow in some parts of the state.

Oh yes, there’s nothing like a late April blizzard to prove that the planet is warming at unprecedented levels.
Via The Daily Caller:

Activists intent on organizing a climate march in Colorado were forced to postpone their events after a snowstorm dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the state. The blizzard-like conditions have prompted groups to rescheduled the march for Sunday, weather permitting of course. Temperatures in the area have dipped below the freezing mark.

One group in the Western state has already put a halt to its scheduled march.

“Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curveball!” 350 Colorado Springs wrote Friday on a Facebook post. “Dangerous conditions and wet heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Stay safe and warm and join us Sunday afternoon same time and place!!”
Activists are also planning a ‘die-in’ where they lay down and play dead…because that’s what normal people do…
“We will be doing an Aerial Image,” event planners wrote on the protest website. “A section of that will include a ‘die in’, where people wearing black will lay on the ground as if they are dead. We expect the visual effect to be stunning. If you’re comfortable participating, please wear all black to the event.”
Today’s climate change protest getting canceled is reminiscent of when Al Gore gave a ‘global warming’ speech on a day with record blizzard conditions. The funny thing is that liberals are too stupid to see the irony.

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