WHY is Prepping Foreign to so Many? – Instantly Eliminate Anxiety

~@ I grew up in a home where my parents had enough food to last at least one year (they were inspired by the depression)… And so, I wonder why prepping seems so foreign to so many… My moms philosophy “prepare for the worst-hope for the best”

Most things are survivable and hard times don’t last forever – Preparation creates confidence and this guy is ready for everything!

The Health Ranger reveals a mental secret to instantly eliminate ANXIETY and worry. It’s simpler than you think. Listen and learn how to increase your confidence about the future and eliminate anxiety stemming from the unknown.

Symptom 1- Oblivious to awareness of potentials, denial of potentials

Symptom 2- Awakening to global risks, fear

Resulting Scenarios

Scenario 1- Some will remain in denial and hope for the best, believing it ‘couldn’t happen’ and suffer when something does due to lack of preparation.

Scenario 2- Decide to Survive – Preparation for potentials, ‘awareness of what is possible’, and grateful for their prior insight if something happens OR pleasantly surprised if nothing happens!

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