New Executive Order; Bureau of Land Management Taken Down, Petition And More


~@ This pleases me greatly…. Many a rancher could have been spared the loss of their ranches…. Unfortunately, many have lost their lives due to BLM and Fed Gov land grabs… The constitution made clear from it’s inception that the Fed Gov was ‘prohibited’ from owning/claiming land… Thank goodness this has finally been recognized!

 Please sign ‘Free the Bundys’ Petition

This Petition will be delivered to Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Free the Bundys/Hammonds/True Patriots

This Petition is to Free the Bundys , the Hammonds and all involved in the protest to stop the takeover of Our Land by the Bureau of Land Management through out these United States/ And to investigate the Murder of Lavoy Finicum in Cold Blood. In addition/ full investigation into the Hillary Clinton connection to Russia involving the selling of 20% of the US Uranium Supply in this area. Jessie Waltman. First Signature, March 10, 2017

Sign here

Petition site repeatedly blocked attempts to sign so I opened a account and was able to sign the Petition.

SOURCE with thanks http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com 

Dear President Trump, Please pardon the Bundy’s and investigate the killing of Lavoy Finicum

Published on Mar 12, 2017



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