Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism, and Communism. Variations of the Same Ideology. A Primer

Communist Leaders of the past, all murdered their own people to get into power and after they were in power.

Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism, and Communism are Variations of the Same Ideology

– a primer

Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism, and Communism are all forms of the same basic ideology – where the State OWNS the common people and may use them, abuse them, sacrifice them, or kill them for “the common good”.  The Nazi’s (National Socialist German Workers Party) wrote as much on the perimeter of their coinage – -“Gemeinnutz geht vor eigennutz”, translated as: “The common good before the private good”; Rudolf Jung popularized it in his book Der Nationale Sozialismus, 1922, 2nd edition.

All four variations of the same ideology succeed in ascending to power a system of top elitists, cronies, and politically-connected families or individuals operating as a codependent group which collectively uses government power to control production, enrich themselves, solidify their power, and persecute their enemies.

Socialism is basically a larval form of the ideology in which the government pretends that individuals have rights, that private property can be owned, and that Democratic systems are in place.

Fascism is a variation of the ideology incorporated into a system where the government pretends that Corporations and Unions are separate and independent entities, but in reality are controlled by the State (not the other way around – follow the money).  The person getting paid is the one with the power and ability to regulate the corporations and the unions, e.g., the government power politicians, bureaucrats, and technocrats.  Corporations and Unions can only buy favors and pay “protection money”, or lobbying money, to those in government power.  Politicians can, at best be, rented for a time…and the larger the government, the larger the opportunities for fascist graft and corruption.

Progressivism is a process towards the ideology where a “progressive path to Socialism and then to Communism” is introduced in progressive stages over an extended period of time (generally decades).  It is the most complex and covert form of the ideology because it is actually a long-term process to convert a society from one form of government to another without an armed revolution taking place.  It was first introduced into the USA in the first decade of the 20thcentury by cultural Marxist academics and adopted immediately by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and subsequently, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama.  Only a few of these Presidents have overtly promoted their progressive policies, while the others have allowed those policies to continue development in a more covert fashion though “establishment” political agents and appointees.  It must have a powerful Executive Branch (overt or covert) to push the ideology past the stubborn, constitutionally slow-moving Legislative and Judicial branches.

 Under Progressivism, it is imperative to gradually destroy the middle-class in a society because the middle-class does not benefit under Socialism, Fascism, or Communism.  This must be accomplished over many decades with clever marketing and emotional arguments “to help the poor and the children” promoted by the elite, the government, and a willing media system.

Progressivism utilizes all of the tenants of the ideology to move a society on a planned long-term direction from a Constitutional Democratic Republic form of governance to one of Socialism and then to Communism.  It incorporates features of Fascism to allow an ever growing nouveau elite group of politically-connected insiders to rise to prominence and power by promoting wealth redistribution and entitlement schemes “for the people” through cultural institutions, the arts, lower and higher academic institutions, “non-profit” public advocacy organizations, private elite advisory organizations and policy “think-tanks”, global quasi-government organizations, government legislation, and finally legal court precedents.  Its effect is the same; effectively transferring wealth and power from those who have earned it through hard work and honesty to those who have neither quality.

The result of this extended process towards the ideology is a tiny politically-connected elite class, complete removal and destruction of the formerly powerful middle class, and a large entitled servitude dependent class controlled by an all encompassing array of government legislation, monitoring, and regulations.  The inevitable result of decades of “progress” is a Fascist-Communist hybrid form of government and society which some “new-media” bloggers and pundits are now calling “neo-feudalism”.

Communism, ironically enough, is the most honest in its adherence to the ideological form – in that the State openly and honestly declares it owns the means of production (including the workers lives) and its only lie is that it does so for the “benefit of the working people” or the so-called “middle-class”, as is becoming more commonly used by its adherents in its modern 21st century monikers and variations of “Progressivism”, “social justice”, “inequality”, and “climate change”.

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