FBI raids an Ohio adoption agency in huge child sex trafficking sting

FBI agents were seen carrying boxes and evidence from the offices following the raids

European Adoption Consultants involved in international sale of children to pedophile rings

The FBI has confirmed that it conducted a raid on an adoption agency in Ohio in connection with human trafficking and selling children to international pedophile rings, in the latest of a series of operations related to the Pizzagate Washington D.C. Elite pedophilia investigation by the State Department.

Federal agents raided the European Adoption Consultants building in Strongsville, Ohio, and left carrying boxes and other evidence, according to reports.

The State Department had issued the warrant on the grounds that the agency was involved in “the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children.”.

The FBI refused to comment on the details of the raids, but a source within the Federal Bureau of Investigation did confirm that they were “executing the warrant”;

“We do have activity going on there. The matter is sealed, and at this time I cannot provide any additional information,

The adoption agency was accused of soliciting bribes and committing other crimes last month and was debarred by the U.S. Department of State.

The Epoch Times reports: The home of the founder of the adoption agency was also raided by federal authorities, WKYC-TV reported. Officials would not elaborate on the raid other than saying they were “executing a warrant.

“The State Department alleged that the agency “failed to adequately supervise…preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children.

“They also failed to prevent the “solicitation of bribes; Fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent…” to get the children into the United States, the State Department said, according to WKYC.

In December, two notes were posted on the agency’s website, with one reading: “We do not feel the action is warranted and we are evaluating our appeal and the other options available to us.” The agency is making arrangements to transfer its adoption cases.

“EAC was given no prior information about the investigation conducted by the Department of State and no opportunity before the adverse action was taken to address the issues raised or the facts alleged,” a statement reads. “We dispute the accuracy of many of the facts reported, and the statements made by the Department of State in its notice to EAC.”

Since Jeff Sessions was sworn in as Attorney General last week, federal and state police had conducted a series of operations to crack down in human trafficking and pedophile rings.

The Department Of Justice appears to be taking down the network’s infrastructure as it gathers evidence in preparation for the high-level arrests in Washington D.C.

Comment: It is thought by some in the independent media community, that the political war we are now seeing being played out against the Trump administration is in some large part due to the efforts being put into shutting down these heinous crime rings:

[…] Flynn was targeted for wanting to put pedophiles in prison just like Andrew Breitbart was likely murdered for outing John Podesta’s pedophilia less than a year before he died. Pretty brazen of Hillary considering that last week the Globe tabloid ran a headline claiming that Hillary was caught attempting to leave the US for extradition-free Bahrain while her hubby is allegedly singing more dirt on her to the authorities.

In recent weeks the PedoGate scandal has resurfaced with those 474 suspects busted in the humongous child sex trafficking raid in California a couple weeks ago. Earlier this month an FBI insider leaked that 70 warrants have been signed by the recently sworn in Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This week Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s son was arrested, joining his predator father behind bars. The first round of arrests occurring now are targeting those relatively minor ring operatives that recruit children as slavery trafficking victims. The expectation is that they will spill the beans, revealing the identities of those higher-up the predator food chain. According to the insider, major high profile politicians will soon be rounded up and arrested in the Washington and New York trafficking ring sweep.

Knocking out a major player in Trump’s quest to bring justice to the pedophile network sitting at the top of the power pyramid is also designed to send a loud and clear message to Trump, warning him he’d better back off from any further efforts to drain the powerful sickos from their swampy DC cesspool.

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2 Responses to FBI raids an Ohio adoption agency in huge child sex trafficking sting

  1. It does my heart good to see this kind of evil being exposed and prosecuted. These kind of people are such cowards and evil.

  2. lozzafun says:

    I so agree… Ridding the planet of this plague does not happen fast enough 😦 ..The good news is that the cat is out of the bag and I truly believe the ugliness cannot be buried again… It is time!!… I was taught that ‘the prayer of the heart is always answered, in Gods bigger picture’… Thank you for stopping in and thank you for all you do…

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