Youtube Pedophile Ring setting up shop on VID.ME

So because David Seamen gave us a heads up about VID.ME, I went to check it out, simply because David stated that VID.ME has more freedom than Youtube, and he has a solid reputation for being a man of his word. That being said, I will still insist upon conducting an investigation of my own (And Look What I Found…). I do not doubt that the freedoms exist on VID.ME, I’m just absolutely certain that where these freedoms exist, someone will show up to exploit them (And They Have). VID.ME just sounded a bit too good to be true, and so I went looking for #pizzgate reporters and pedo-looking content on their network, actively looking for disturbing or vulgar content so as to report it to you, the WordPress public, and THIS is what I discovered.

First of all…

I reposted this video from a Youtuber who was exposing the PedoRing on Youtube: Check out her channel and information.

Sadly my investigation of VID.ME led me to discover that same Youtube PedoRing setting up shop on VID.ME, and while their channel is new, its obviously focused upon little girls spreading their legs for the camera (ONE IS CALLED YOGA CHALLENGE FOR KIDS), and as the channel grows, the girls become younger and younger, and have less and less clothes on, until its basically six and seven year old in thongs showing how they “can do a split” from three angles… PLEASE report and expose this channel before it grows very large. Hell! report the people that like the channel…


Second to that…

On this channel I discovered some rather questionable content pertaining to video games based upon sexual themes, where most of the girls-women have what seem to be children faces, and the games seem focused upon being rewarded sex for completing task, and gameplay pertains to collecting pornographic materials… here is a screenshot…



This channel seems to be a collection of the first several minutes of porno movies, which play up to the point of clothes coming off, and then you are directed to the description section to click on links where you are expected to pay to see the nude content… No thanks… In a world buzzing with #pizzagate I feel the need to remind everyone that all porn is actually harmful. It sets unrealistic expectations of ourselves, of one another, and establishes unrealistic body types as the norm, while bastardizing natural body types. Porn trains kids and teens to explore several years of impersonal and selfish masturbation-sex with videos and pictures before exploring genuine relationships in reality, which creates unrealistic expectations of their partners, unnatural acts and desires, and all manner of perversions of gender and identity, and this is not to mention that existing relationships are destroyed by porn when ones partner is more attracted to photos than their actual partner. Most porn pertains more to harming or dominating someone than it actually pertains to sex.


Ill keep looking in to this and report on future discoveries… Please share.

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