Nurse Warns of “Biologics” & Forced Flu Shots Happening in US Hospitals & Pentagon Video Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

~@ Please also watch 2nd Video which is from 2012 but still valuable info… We can rest assured that they have PERFECTED this agenda in the last 4 years… Personally, I don’t think this agenda is working out as well as they had hoped… The American Public is waking up in spite of their efforts..
Published on May 13, 2016

Listen to a whistleblower nurse as she describes her experience inside a hospital taking orders to unknowingly force vaccinate patients with the flu shot. Later she describes how The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has redefined the term “Biologics” being used in hospital consent forms to include vaccines.


Leaked Pentagon Video Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

Published on Aug 2, 2012

Thanks to You Tuber NewAmericaNow for this excellent video!

What you are about to hear is not science fiction or conspiracy theory but a glimpse of what is going on behind the closed doors of the United States Pentagon.

In a small auditorium labeled BC232 a man is presenting a discussion on how the military industrial complex can spread a virus and use a vaccine to extinguish what the pentagon calls undesirable human behavior. Specifically in this case religious behavior.

This is dark science my friends. With all the mandatory vaccine programs in the United States do not be deceived for a moment that something like this will not or possibly hasn’t already been used on the American public.…


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5 Responses to Nurse Warns of “Biologics” & Forced Flu Shots Happening in US Hospitals & Pentagon Video Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

  1. D. M. Hutchins says:

    Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins and commented:
    Biogenics and knowing how to opt out of being “vaccinated” against your will, during treatment for unrelated issues… WTF?

  2. lozzafun says:

    Makes one wonder what nasty ingredients are hiding behind the term ‘biogenics’ doesn’t it?…

  3. D. M. Hutchins says:


  4. We have no idea what’s already being done to us right now. These video’s are horrifying and, sadly, not unexpected.

  5. lozzafun says:

    How right you are… Sort of like living out the script of a movie…

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