Think you know the Jonestown story?..~@ (become familiar with the ‘Strategy of Tension’, we have seen alot of it!)

~@ I have re-visited the Jonestown Rabbit Hole, via WIKI Leaks… You need only enter the search word ‘Jonestown’ to open hundreds of docs and cables involving this senseless tragedy… As always, the ‘official story’ does not add up… I genuinely hope you look at the scope of this horrendous crime against over nine hundred people… As a teaser, the consensus shows, via autopsy reports, that these people did NOT die by cyanide…. Evidence of needle puncture, broken needles in the bodies, strangulation and bullets in the bodies tells an entirely different story… This is the link to the info I recovered at the site…[]=ps&qproject[]=cg&qproject[]=cc&qproject[]=fp&qproject[]=ee&q=&qftags=TEMPLE#resultttps://[]=ps&qproject[]=cg&qproject[]=cc&qproject[]=fp&qproject[]=ee&q=&qftags=TEMPLE#result

Jonestown and BrainwashingA US government funded project

It’s a safe bet that if something receives front page coverage, just about everything about the story has been massaged before it becomes “news.”

In the 1970s, there was no bigger story than Jonestown.

Supposedly, several hundred people voluntarily committed suicide rather than have their “paradise” taken away from them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We play this video now because it turns out that Jim Jones, the leader of the Jonestown cult (i.e. experimental offshore jungle prison camp) was an associate of CIA agent in USAID clothing Dan Mitrione whose life as a torture expert lent out to South American dictatorships was featured in the film “State of Siege.”

They were from the same town, they were both in Brazil at the same time, and they both had double lives, posing as one thing (a traffic expert, a religious figure) while being involved in something very different.

If it’s on the TV news, odds are it’s a manufactured lie. This is so pervasive, we should really start calling TV “liar-vision.”

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One Response to Think you know the Jonestown story?..~@ (become familiar with the ‘Strategy of Tension’, we have seen alot of it!)

  1. I have always had great admiration for the late John Judge. In February 2002, we invited him to Seattle where he presented the first reputable evidence we had access to that 9-11 was an inside job.

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