Can’t Make this Up! NYT CEO Has Connections to Jimmy Saville – “Pedophilia: a disorder, not a crime”


by · Published November 26, 2016 · Updated November 27, 2016

Best to stick the articles on here for readers to see all about Mark Thompson seeing he has no wiki page! Independent article ,telegraph article

Guardian article just before Thompson was made CEO of NYT


Don’t ever forget that the New York Times brought us into a war of pointless killings over a lie.

These are the anonymous cowards who produced a blacklist accusing US media orgs of being Russian tools, that WPost heralded & protected: 

That WPost story on Russian fake news is total journalistic garbage, but it serves various agendas so it’s being uncritically passed around.

‘Journalistic garbage’: Greenwald & others slam WaPo for ‘insane’ Russian propaganda story

Washington Post Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton “Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools”

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