VOTE NOW: Trump is letting us vote our picks for his remaining cabinet positions via GOP website

~@ I wrote in Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury….. This is a new one, public participation in assigning cabinet positions…. Hope all will participate…. WHEN is the last time we had a say in this??..


Currently up at the Republican Party’s website is a survey to offer up ideas on who should be named for positions Trump still needs to fill.

GOP link to survey:

List of current considerations:

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4 Responses to VOTE NOW: Trump is letting us vote our picks for his remaining cabinet positions via GOP website

  1. Oh what fun. I put Ron Paul down as Secretary of State and Ellen Brown for Department of the Treasury.

  2. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    I put Ron Paul as Secretary of State, Alan Grayson as Attorney General, Ellen Brown as Secretary of the Treasury, Dr Jill Stein as Secretary of Health and Human Services and Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute for the Department of Energy.

  3. lozzafun says:

    THanks for spreading the word!…. Hope many will post on their sites…

  4. Reblogged this on ashiftinconsciousness and commented:
    Despite the fact that Donald Trump is a sick, sociopathic predator his transition tean has allowed the U.S. public an opportunit to vote for people to be named to his cabinet.

    Now, of course, this is nothing more than public relations, an attempt to make it appear as if Trump cares about his fellow citizens. No one who truly represents the will of the people will be allowed real power in a Donald Trump administration. But, it’s still an interesting exercise in democracy – even though we live in a fake democracy. Maybe it can be practice just in case we attain an actual democracy some day.

    I’m going to vote for Dennis Kucinich, Cornel West, Ellen Brown, Tom Goldtooth, Alan Grayson, Jill Stein, Muhammed Yunul, Dallas Goldtooth, Naomi Klein, Amy Goodman, Ronnie Cummins, Eliot Spitzer, Elon Musk, Ann Wright, Bill McKibben, Jeremy Scahill and Lucas Benitez.

    Go ahead, make your voice heard. Maybe some members of the corporate media will print some of the names and gain attention for some good people.

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