Coup to RESTORE the US Republic -Former Asst. Sec of State Says

@~ That is what the man says, is this finally our chance to clean it up??.. Let us not forget the FRAUD that was perpetrated on us without our knowing … The Timeline of the Great Fraud and Declaration Of Law–(Your Real History)



Streamed live 10 hours ago


Wikileaks Memo Reveals More About Clinton Profits – “Bill Clinton Inc”

SECRET SERVICE SPEAKS VIA YOUTUBE – LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Golden, CO 10/29/16…


huma abedin weiner

This is truely an amazing story here!!! This JUST happened and we have exclusive YOUTUBE coverage here… share this!

Trump star walk of fame destroyed by LEFT WING lunatic, Black homeless woman protects LIVE STREAM

WARNING: Fears dismal quarter results will trigger global crash’ TOMORROW

EXCLUSIVE: THE FUTURE of Deutsche Bank could be decided tomorrow when bosses release its third quarter results, experts warn.

We will be streaming LIVE nightly 3pm est / 6pm pst Trump TV


Hillary campaign DIRECTLY connected

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Speak at Alfred Smith Dinner in New York City

New York times
CNN LIVE CNN live News CNN news live DEBATE DONALD TRUMP HILLARY CLINTON Alfred E Smith Dinner 2016

FOX NEWS LIVE STREAM U.S. Politics News Trump VS Clinton & Breaking News Streaming 24/7 News
Battlefield 1 – Campaign Story Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! (BF1 PC Gameplay)

The Republican and Democratic nominees for President will face off one last time to win your vote less than three weeks before Election Day.

Fox News Channel’s own Chris Wallace – one of the nation’s most experienced and trusted journalists – will serve as moderator for the debate at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

The Fox News Sunday anchor moderated Fox News Channel’s GOP primary debates alongside Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly.

Speaking about being chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates, Wallace said last month that he wants the focus to be on the candidates, not on him.

“If people say, ‘it was a great debate and I don’t remember you being there,’ I will have done my job,” said Wallace.

Wallace has announced the topics, which will be discussed in six 15-minute segments.

Debt and entitlements
Supreme Court
Foreign hot spots
Fitness to be President
He said these chosen topics may be altered depending on news events leading up to the event.

Hillary Clinton was widely seen as the winner of the first debate, according to polls, while Donald Trump rebounded with a stronger performance in the second forum.

It all comes down to this! Join us on Fox News Channel on Wednesday, October 19 at 9:00pm ET to see Clinton and Trump’s final showdown.

Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

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Bad news could spark a sell-off contagion that could lead to another global financial meltdown and a bail out by Angela Merkel’s government despite her opposition to German state intervention.

Analysts are warning that ultra high frequency trades triggered by machines could lead to a perfect storm and could have serious knock-on effects for other banks exposed to the firm’s risky assets book.

Germany’s largest lender has been hit by unprecedented sell-offs losing 52 per cent of its value in just a year and is struggling to ward off its crisis.

The bank has announced massive job cuts ahead of a £11.4billion fine from the US Justice Department.

And it has been muted that up to 5,000 jobs could go in America alone.

Now investors, including their biggest stakeholder Qatar, are said to be on edge as they get set to reveal their latest financial data.…




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One Response to Coup to RESTORE the US Republic -Former Asst. Sec of State Says

  1. RonMamita says:

    May I offer my Cold Reasoning?
    You can never trust the intelligence industry, and Mr. Pieczenik self proclaimed his career expertise in covert Psyops and psychological warfare.
    Let me warn you that the government investigating itself is like asking the fox to guard the hen house, The FBI – PHAW!

    Where is the “independent” investigation?
    Who can trust and proudly state they support either the Clinton’s coup, or the CIA’s counter-coup?
    Personally this feels like the HOPIUM from the OBAMA campaign to end the Bush and McCain criminal warmongering reign!
    Now it is evil Obama and Clinton criminal warmongering reign vs hopium CIA/Trump campaign.
    Who believes they are the “good guys“?

    Who believes the officials solved the financial crisis?
    We have many reasons to not trust the officials for one microsecond.

    Have you heard: Former U.S. State Secretary Henry Kissinger Was Elected to Russian Academy of Sciences
    (the criminal was appointed for his expert research in “Global Politics“)

    Yeah, We have many reasons to not trust the officials for one microsecond.

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