William Bogart made an anti-Goldwater ad in 1964 – 52 Years Later, he Makes SAME Ad Only it is… Anti-Trump!

~@ Evidently, they thought nobody would notice… Amusing, yes?

SR 1162 – A Blast From the Past

Published on Sep 2, 2016

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on politics.
After Labor Day, traditionally, presidential candidates move into high gear. With Hillary Clinton pretty much out of the campaign personal appearances business – on injured reserve – the Dems have only one real weapon, an all-out air war – dire warnings of nuclear doom via TV attack ads.
The Trump campaign is not without precedent. In 1964, Barry Goldwater captured the Republican Party with a similar populist, nationalist, anti-globalist message. He won over the people, but the Republican Party elites fought him tooth and nail. It was essentially the same battle we’re fighting today: We the People vs. the globalists.
Yes, even in 1964, the globalist agenda of a borderless one-world governance was becoming known. Today, it’s no longer a theory – it’s in full slow-rolling invasion mode.
In the 1964 campaign, Lyndon Johnson was the incumbent president after Kennedy’s tragic death by assassination. Nobody liked Johnson – neither the Democrats nor the Republicans – but just as we have the NeverTrump turncoats today, the Washington establishment got behind a NeverGoldwater group.
The question for the Democrats and the corrupt Republican insiders was how could they help Johnson triumph over Goldwater—the Constitutionalist and better man in every way.

The Democrats hatched a plan to frighten people off from Goldwater—first, by branding him and his associates as racists; then, by depicting him as an unstable/crazy man likely to press the nuclear button – all completely false, of course. Sound familiar?
They used clever ads with visceral imagery to make these points, the most famous being the “daisy” ad, in which a young girl pulls petals off a daisy while an atomic bomb suddenly goes off in the distance.
[insert “Mushroom Cloud” ad]
This ad terrified people—Goldwater never recovered, and Johnson beat him in November.
Do you think fears of a nuclear Armageddon are as dead as the Cold War? Think again.

Behind the scenes, the real enemy of freedom is not Russia, but the ongoing invasion of the west by unbridled migration. The immigrant class is provided a lifestyle far above their situations back home, and since gainful employment is not required, they have plenty of time to reproduce and prosecute political turmoil at street level.
This is nothing less than an army of insurgents that unless recognized and turned back, will topple the 2500-year-old concept of a civilization whose foundation is equal justice under the law as they destroy the productive middle class.
These new immigrant masses will – for sure – continue to vote for the political class that has provided them their new work-free, responsibility-free lifestyle.

Of course, once the productive workers are toppled, and society devolves into chaos, only then the new work ethic will emerge – a totalitarian slave state with the immigrant class now dominating the slaves.
The globalist game is to divert our attention from the invasion for just one more election cycle by painting Russia, in league with Trump, as the real problem.
The similarities with the 1964 campaign are positively eerie.
Actor William Bogart made an anti-Goldwater ad in 1964:
[insert – http://www.adweek.com/news/advertisin…]
And now, here is the Trump version which will be run over and over again in the next 2 months. It’s the some actor, William Bogart – just 52 years older:

The question is: will Americans fall for this one more time. If they do, their fate will be sealed forever.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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