24 yr. ago – “Limit political contributions to $1,000”.. He Identified the Problems, Created Solutions & Educated the Public -We should have listened (Ross Perot)

~@ Did we miss the boat!?… Tough to know how far he would have gotten but he INTENDED to STOP Gov. Corruption and bolster our economy. That came through loud and clear..

Ross Perot 1992 – Balancing the Budget & Reforming Government

Perot Told Us 25 YEARS AGO PEOPLE! This Would Happen And It Did… Now It’s The TPP!

Ross Perot 1992 – How to Build a Business and Create Jobs

NAFTA: Ross Perot and Al Gore Debate 1993

Perot: Free trade means a weak America

Ross Perot Predicted Economic Crisis

The Ross Perot and Al Gore NAFTA Debate

Ross Perot on CSPAN Oct. 1, 2012 Discusses the US Economy

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