~UPDATE 1 Year Later C-Diff ~ ‘How I am defeating a super bug’

~@ July 22, 2016   This is an update on my success in defeating c-diff and reversing the damage it causes. It was one year ago this month that c-diff landed me in the emergency room. I used the protocol below, designed by an ND. C-diff has not returned and I have zero complaints with my digestive system. I continue probiotics and the foods that are friendly to the population of gut flora. One supplement I take daily and have for about 8 years is Tumeric. It turns out that tumeric is a positive supplement if you have c-diff. I use Tumeric, primarily, because of a knee injury. It successfully controls inflammation and pain. Tumeric is a WONDER SPICE and I promote it it at every opportunity!

800 Reasons Turmeric Threatens Big Pharma

Turmeric Heals Spinal Cord Injuries Better Than Drugs/Surgery, Review Suggests


*** DISCLAIMER – First, I want it understood that this information is an account of HOW my personal c dif treatment was handled. I am not a doctor and this is NOT a diagnosis or recommendation for anyone else. If you have c-diff, please seek medical help. I also strongly advise that you do your own research and enlist the help of a ND or professional who understands HOW to RESTORE natural gut flora. If you have c-diff, please know it can become dangerous, deadly, if not treated properly. I am providing leads to info that can assist anyone on how to avoid this super bug. I also hope to provide some encouragement to those who already have c diff. It doesn’t have to be forever!

My Experience:  Tho no infection showed on x-ray, my dentist prescribed an antibiotic for what he feared was becoming an infected tooth. I tend to grind my teeth in my sleep which caused, trauma to the tooth.

Soon after, I developed flu like symptoms. Diarrhea, pain in the lower abdomen and severe headache. The symptoms would come and go and I did not see a doctor for the first month because symptoms would subside for up to 2 weeks, except for looser than average stools.

I was treated with, you guessed it, antibiotics for 10 days. Trusting my doctors knowledge, I assumed this would take care of it. For a couple weeks all was good. Then all hell broke loose.

I took my granddaughter camping and during the night, c-diff came back with a vengeance. Out in the middle of a state park with a little girl and over an hour from home, I was suddenly helpless. I was so weak and shaky, I was incapable of driving the motor home. Just like that, without warning, it was back. 

I called my son, who took me to the ER. I was admitted with a temp of 104, diarrhea, severe dehydration, headache and abdominal pain. My records state that @ 8 a.m., I was  ‘intermittently aware’ of what was going on around me. (I think I was just, too sick to care)

When I was released, I was sent home with a different (you guessed it!) antibiotic called vancomycin. By this time, I was all out of the mood for trusting the medical approach and made an appointment with an ND.

The advice of my ND,  made all the difference in the world! My ND instructed me to continue with the decreasing doses of vancomycin, (5weeks). He then outlined a protocol designed for morning and bedtime dosing.

Colloidal silver – 2 tsp.- twice a day

Syntol AMD (advanced microflora delivery) – 2 Capsules -twice a day

Saccharomyces boularidii – 1 capsule – twice a day

Garden of Life – 5 Day Max Care (400 Billion/34 Probiotic Strains) – 1 Scoop twice a day

6 Drops LUGOL’S Iodine – twice daily – 2 hours away from food and probiotics. (Iodine kills C diff internally, kills C diff during cleaning also- Iodine for cleaning can be purchased at a farm store) 

*** On the week that the Vancoymycin was reduced to every third day I did a Home Probiotic Enema as follows –

2 Cups luke warm water add 1 Scoop Ortho Biotic  Powder PLUS 2 capsules Saccharomyces boulardii (emptied in to water) – MIX WELL. and administer rectally – Lay in fetal position afterward, changing sides and retain as long as possible. The longer you retain it, the easier it gets. I watched a movie to distract from any discomfort.

After completion of the Vancomycin – REPEAT probiotic enema

***** With the above protocol, I experienced, IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT!!  😉

When it comes to any illness/disease, there is one important fact to remember, immunity starts in the gut.

After being on the above protocol for 2 weeks,the most frightening thing happened…. I eliminated massive amounts of a white to yellow colored (slimy) substance, and I mean massive… I felt OK except for a temp of 100… It was a Saturday, not wishing to ‘press my luck’ I saw a doctor at urgent care who then scheduled an appt. with a infectious disease specialist…. I felt very discouraged upon leaving the clinic.

*** My appt. with the specialist, brought the news I had been waiting to hear,  for 4 months. He reviewed the paperwork, tons of questions. I described my recent elimination of the ‘yellow/white slime that caused my concern’.  I then explained that 2 days prior to my appt. with him, my stools suddenly returned to NORMAL*** 

His words,  “You are on your way to HOME BASE! …. What happened is that your colon has sloughed off, the infected areas. You now have a brand new environment for miro flora. This is good! What you are doing is working and you need to keep it that way.”

He then asked me about probiotics and elaborated on any OTHER things I was doing or using diet/supplements etc… Hesitantly, I admitted I was ALSO following a protocol from an ND….I waited for the backlash…. Surprise! There wasn’t any!

Shock of all shocks, he nodded his head and said “EXCELLENT… then there is no need to send you to a dietitian”…. An MD who agrees with the protocol from and ND???? … This is NOT a normal reaction coming from a medical doctor….

This doctor is from Mexico. In Mexico, natural and holistic practitioners work side by side with the medical practitioners. This explains his agreement with my choice to enlist an ND.

I was told to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER ANTIBIOTIC UNLESS I CALL HIM FIRST…. And to NEVER ALLOW another GP to treat me for c diff … only him or another specialist. 

He explained about how gut flora works and what it needs in order to restore itself and to maintain, optimal function.

He explained that ‘healthy gut flora is like a garden. The good produce is friendly bacteria and c dif is a weed.  At the end he said to continue to follow the advice of my ND and to ‘diligently, tend my garden and never stop’.

~~~~~~  Additional information to aid you in understanding the importance of gut flora for immunity and how to restore and care for it.

The over use of antibiotics is causing an increase of illness in world population via a nasty super bug called Clostridium difficile AKA C-diff. If left unchecked, c diff, has the potential to become life threatening.    Good info Here 

If there is an event that kills off the, the good bugs in the digestive system, c-diff will take over and cause the individual a set of symptoms that will disrupt life, for extended periods of time. The most common event is a simple round of antibiotic.

The reason c-diff is difficult to control is because spores are everywhere in our environment. C diff is antibiotic resistant and resistant to many chemicals and can survive excessive temperatures. A great percentage of the population, already carries the bug in their gut along with  healthy flora. Thus the importance of keeping gut flora healthy and in high numbers. 

Chemicals Combat C. Diff

While antibiotics cannot always treat C. diff infections, good cleaning and hygiene can prevent it from spreading. It’s safe to say when it comes to C. diff the best offense is a good defense.

Cleaning with bleach is the No. 1 means of attacking C. diff spores, say experts. Hydrogen peroxide is also effective. – See more at: http://www.cleanlink.com/hs/article/How-To-Prevent-C-Diff–15291#sthash.NTMQIlNf.dpuf

More info  HERE

Ultraviolet light kills C diff… See info/study    HERE

The End of Antibiotics and the Rise of Iodine as an Effective Alternative  HERE

***Restoring Flora and ‘tending your garden’ An Excellent Video


Fermented Food Recipes to keep your gut flora thriving!

~~@ In this collection is Kombucha, my FAVORITE!… So CHEAP, EASY AND DELICIOUS!    HERE


Our homemade kombucha recipe is incredibly easy to make and just as delicious, if not more, as any store-bought variety. If you can make a pot of tea, you can make kombucha. Containing 4 simple ingredients, plus a kombucha mushroom, the initial process involves steeping your tea, dissolving the sugar and placing everything in a gallon jar with the “scoby.” During a period of about 10-14 days, the liquid will begin to culture producing an effervescent beverage and health enhancing drink. (Credit Super Foods for Super Health)

Sorry this is so lengthy but I did not want to leave out anything that I have found to be helpful!   Stay well   🙂

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2 Responses to ~UPDATE 1 Year Later C-Diff ~ ‘How I am defeating a super bug’

  1. Good to hear this regimen is still working for you. I myself am quite pleased every since I started taking 5 grams L-glutamine twice a day along with my probiotics and fermented foods.

  2. lozzafun says:

    Thank you for sharing, what works against this nasty bug… People email me about this article.. I suppose because it is such a disgusting subject, they prefer to remain anonymous… Now I am off to check out L-glutamine to discover it’s benefits… Thanks much for your input!

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