Trump This: Melania T. Gives Same 2008 Speech As Michelle O.


The Cabal is Losing Control | Caught in the ‘Act’ — Melania Trump Gives Same Speech Michelle Obama Gave in 2008

Stillness in the Storm Editor: There are several points to consider when reviewing the below article.

Firstly, the fact that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008 suggests that—while Donald Trump might not be a Cabal puppet—he is obviously using the same kind of manipulation tactics to get ahead in the race. He may not be establishment in the sense that he outright works for the Cabal but he is clearly using some of the same tricks. Secondly, and this is arguably the most important point, CNN is the one who released this story—not a conspiracy theory website—but one of the front and center elite arms of the propaganda machine. In doing so, CNN alerted the public to a not uncommon trend that most in the awakening community already know—that elections are rigged, a kind of staged puppet show to deceive the sleeping masses and manufacture the consent of the governed.

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From Doreen
Have you stopped to ‘question’ any of this? Remember, question everything.

“Once you realize that the United States is not America and that you are not (most likely) a “United States Citizen” nor a “citizen of the United States”, it is easy to see why you are not eligible to vote in their elections and why you should not do so.”

The Most Dangerous Man in America KNOWS

Voting is consent that makes voters complicit in the improper and offensive actions of politicians. This includes perpetual war for profit and population control.

Now that you know, spread the word.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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