~@ We need to Stand Together to avoid ‘GLOBALIST RACE MANIPULATION’ that creates violence – “To live in peace, we must all recognize the REAL enemy of the people…”

Don’t let the globalists start a race war! Health Ranger video reveals the REAL enemy that threatens us all, regardless of our skin color

Black Lives Matter
(NaturalNews) Whether you’re white, black, brown, yellow or blue, recognize that people of a different color are NOT your enemy. The real enemy, it turns out, is the globalists who are manipulating us all into a race war.

Black Lives Matter protesters, in particular, are being exploited as unwitting pawns in a deadly, global game of consolidating power from engineered chaos. The chaos is being deliberately whipped up by the outrageously irresponsible (and deceptive) mainstream media, which is broadcasting false narratives and highly inflammatory rhetoric that’s intentionally designed to cause an exploding race war across America. (CNN, MSNBC, etc.)

As I explain in this heartfelt video, We the People are not the enemy here! The real enemy is the corrupt criminal cartels of globalists (like George Soros or Hillary Clinton) who seek to cause mass chaos so they can seize power and turn us all into obedient, powerless slaves (regardless of our skin color).

Watch my video at this Youtube link, or view it here:

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