Brexit Victory: Here’s why the Battle for Britain is Just Beginning

Brexit broadsideBrexit Batters the EU

The Brexit vote was an inspiring, historic victory of nationalism over globalism!  The EU’s days are numbered, as the peoples of Europe are rising up to reclaim their freedom and birthright. Today we discuss:

The true significance of this victory, and what it means for the EU project…

Who in the City of London was likely caught off guard by the the vote, and what that means…

How this Brexit victory will inspire a host of nations to do likewise, in repudiating the EU…

Why the actual parting of Britain will take some time, and how it will hopefully proceed…

Why the globalists won’t take Brexit lying down, and the strategies they’ll try to undermine the Brexit act before it happens….

Who is behind the market turbulence right now, and what they hope to achieve through it…

The spike in gold and silver, and what we can expect from precious metals in the days to come…

Why the nationalist movements are helping to overcome globalism, and why they’re growing in a tidal wave that will wash globalism away…

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