Mae Brussels – 2 USA Governnments & Democrat/Republican ONE Party Funding

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Biography/ Photo Credit – Complacent Beverly Hills housewife Mae Brussell had quite an awakening in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated, and again when she read and cross-indexed the massive 26-volume Warren Commission Hearings. She saw that the international terrorist network that had made up the Axis powers during

World War Two had gone underground and continued their world-wide fascist campaign, overthrowing one country after another. America was not exempt.

Frustrated that this vitally important information was largely unknown to the American people, Mae went to her friend Henry Miller of Big Sur, California (with whom she would later brag to friends about an affair). He told her that people can do anything they want if they apply themselves; live anywhere, learn anything. And there is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. “Don’t die before you’re dead.”

And with that advice Mae moved herself and the kids to Carmel, California and began the selfless, nonstop journey of political and history research that would soon rock the radio airwaves of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties from 1971 through 1988. Her listeners would never be the same.

While most of America slept:

  • Mae saw that most anything Americana was being infiltrated, murdered, infected, poisoned, or deregulated. As Mae stated at the University of California in Santa Cruz: “What is happening to us is a classical case of totally destroying us. And by the same people who’ve been at the top doing it since World War Two.”
  • On May 29, 1968 Mae confronted Rose Kennedy at the Monterey Peninsula Airport and handed her a note telling her Robert Kennedy would soon be assassinated. A week later he was shot to death at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • Mae’s first published article in Paul Krassner’s The Realist was actually financed by John Lennon (Krassner  couldn’t afford the $5,000 printing cost).

2 governments – one visible, one invisible- (5-19-75)

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3 Responses to Mae Brussels – 2 USA Governnments & Democrat/Republican ONE Party Funding

  1. I absolutely adore Mae Brussell. They should make a Mae Brussell doll for children to play with. In my view she was the first to raise the alarm about what’s really happening in the US.

  2. lozzafun says:

    As I understand it, her readers/listeners sent her some information but BEFORE THAT???.. It was obtained by newspaper, interview transcripts, books etc…. I cannot imagine the TIME INVESTMENT collecting, highlighting, organizing, documenting, recording and broadcasting and publishing… …. and she was raising kids too???…. Did she ever sleep?…

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