The Anti-Bible: Authenticated Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion

The Anti-Bible: Authenticated Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion

The New World Order strategy they laid out, was compiled into a document known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

In the same way that God preserved the Truth as revealed in The Holy Bible, despite numerous attempts by evil people to delete, alter,  mis-translate and mis-teach parts of The Bible, God preserved this “anti-Bible” and its authenticity, to help us identify our enemy and their Satanic plan at the right time, to empower God’s Master Plan to dis-establish evil.

Rather than fear this information engage it to set you and your loved ones free!


To give you a general idea of how our ‘possible’ destruction has been arrogantly and deviously planned by the Hidden Hand*, the following are just headings and sub-headings of each of the 24 Protocols.

PROTOCOL 1: The Basic Doctrine (Right lies in Might – Politics versus Morals – The End justifies the Means – “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” – The New Aristocracy).
PROTOCOL 2: Economic Wars (Routine scientific government Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzcheism – Press-inculcated mentality).
PROTOCOL 3: Methods of Conquest (The Symbolic Snake* – “People’s Rights” – Liquidation of the Goyim – “Sovereign Lord of the World” – Universal economic crisis – “Ours they will not touch…” – Secret masonic agents).
*Genesis 3:14 And the “I AM” God said unto the serpent (Satan), Because thou hast done this, thou [art] cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:
PROTOCOL 4: Materialism Replaces Religion (Stages of a Republic – Gentile masonry a screen – International speculation of industry – Cult of Gold).
PROTOCOL 5: Despotism & Modern Progress (Centralised Government – Gulfs separating States – Sham eloquence to overcome public opinion – Super-Government Administration).
“# 7: Nowadays it is more important to disarm the peoples than to lead them into war:”
PROTOCOL 6: Take-Over Technique (Reservoirs of riches – Destruction of goy aristocracy – Vicious circle of rising prices). Control of property.
“# 4: …It is essential therefore for us, at whatever cost, to deprive them of their land…”
PROTOCOL 7: World-Wide Wars (Encouraging an arms race – Universal war to check goy opposition – The guns of America, China and Japan). Planned world wars.
PROTOCOL 8: Provisional Government (Legal justification for audacity – Super-educational training – Control of bankers, industrialists and capitalists). Control of businesses.
PROTOCOL 9: Re-Education (Meaning of anti-semitism – Source of the all-engulfing terror – Boosting of false theories). Control of education.
PROTOCOL 10: Preparing for Power (Camouflaged political freedom – Universal suffrage – The rise of republics – Transition to masonic despotism – Proclamation of the “Lord of all the World” – Inoculation of diseases).
PROTOCOL 11: The Totalitarian State (The new constitution – Abolition of the rights of man – “Show” army of masonic lodges).
PROTOCOL 12: Control of the Press (Masonic “freedom” – Control of printing and publishing – Vishnu, idol of the Press). Control of media/publishing/information.
PROTOCOL 13: Distractions (Daily bread – Recreation centres – The unsuspected plan).
PROTOCOL 14: Assault on Religion (Destruction of existing religions and substitution of the religion of the Talmud [whilst pretending it to be of Moses] – A new era of slavery – Pornography encouraged in progressive countries).
PROTOCOL 15: Ruthless Suppression (Simultaneous world revolution – Purpose and direction of masonry – The Chosen People – Dogmatic right of the strong – The King of Israel).
PROTOCOL 16: Brainwashing (Emasculation of the Universities – Abolition of freedom of instruction).
PROTOCOL 17: Abuse of Authority (The demoralisation of Justice – Wrecking of the Christian religion – Jewish Patriarch Pope of the universe – Secret police employing public informers).
PROTOCOL 18: Arrest of Opponents (Measures of secret defence – Undermining authority).
PROTOCOL 19: Rulers and People (Making use of public petitions – debasing heroism – Martyrdom of sedition-mongers).
PROTOCOL 20: Financial Programme (Progressive taxation – Stagnant capital – the ruinous Gold Standard). Control of money systems, taxation.
PROTOCOL 21: Loans and Credit (Bankruptcy – Abolition of money markets).
PROTOCOL 22: Power of Gold (The secret of what is coming – Mysticism of the new authority and the reverent fear of the people).
PROTOCOL 23: Instilling Obedience (Cutting down of luxury goods – The supreme lord to replace all existing rulers).
PROTOCOL 24: Qualities of the Ruler (Selecting and training the seed of David).

If the headings aren’t eye-opening enough, then read the full text, as well as “Proof of the Protocols” by clicking here: Full Protocols. To skip the “Proofs” and go right to the Protocols, then please click on: Protocols Only). These Protocols could not possibly have been written by any man or men, only by Satan himself with the help of his Synagogue, referred to by Christ in Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the Synagogue of Satan.

*The Hidden Hand

There is a very small, highly organized, (materially) super-rich, ultra-secret group of extremely evil people who are secretly running the entire world from behind the scenes. Governments, policy think-tanks, media, educational organizations and foundations, are all among the visible part of their structure that they allow you to see. You may be familiar with the names of people like Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, Bronfman, queen Elizabeth 2, the pope/Vatican, etc., and organizations like: the Committee of 300, the Pilgrim Society, the Fabian Society, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Round Table, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations Organisation, and others; but these are all inter-connected components of the world wide conspiracy that can simply be called by one name: the Hidden Hand.

The Protocols 10, #4: “VOTING; which we have made the instrument which will set us on the throne of the world, by teaching even the very smallest units of members of the human race to vote, by means of meetings and agreements by groups; will then have served its purposes and will play its part then, for the last time, by a unanimity of desire to make close acquaintances with us before condemning us.”

10, #5: “To secure this we must have everybody vote without distinction of classes and qualifications, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance (like everyone being a Sovereign Citizen), we shall destroy among the goyim the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off, for the mob, handled by us, will not let them come to the front, nor even give them a hearing; it is accustomed to listen only to us who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way we shall create a blind, mighty force, which will never be in a position to move in any direction, without the guidance of our agents, set at its head, by us, as leaders of the mob. The people will submit to this regime, because it will know, that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratifications and the receipt of all kinds of benefits.”

Up next … a PLAN for freedom fighters to draw from the source of all Wisdom [God], and present that wisdom through the eyes of the six great teachers: Who, Why, What, When, Where, and How, to wisely defeat the NWO in 180 days or less … guaranteed!

If we approach spiritual experience with a mind that is too closed and doubting, we perceive nothing and thereby prove to ourselves, quite erroneously and repeatedly, that higher spiritual experience is a myth. For centuries, we cast out these perceptions not because they weren’t real, but because at the time, we didn’t want them to be real. They didn’t fit into our secular view of the world.

You have everything to gain by sharing with others because we are ALL in this together and the way OUT is together!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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