Top 5 lessons from Prince

Top 5 lessons from Prince

Prince died April 21st – I’m a big fan and it really hit me hard. I loved his unique positivity. He was another epileptic kid who saw things differently. Plus, we didn’t have too many celebrities from Minnesota. He was a local hero in a lot of ways.

No one can debate that he was remarkable. He could make us enjoyably uncomfortable and he helped us question our assumptions.

I’ve thought a lot about this and wanted to share a few things I think we can learn from him:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.53.03 AMBe yourself

Seriously, how many people have changed their name into an unpronounceable symbol?

We can put so much mental energy into trying to fit in – trying not to make waves – that we stifle our inspiration. How would even one day feel if you didn’t fear rejection? You know how they say that dogs smell fear?

People are kind of like that too. The more fearful and needy we are, the less others want to be around us. If we can let go and be who we are, others feel the intensity of our congruence and are drawn to it.

  1. Go deep in your passions

Prince kept multiple recording studios staffed 24/7 in various parts of the country. He loved creating new sounds and wanted nothing more than to be able to catch inspiration the minute it came in.

If you could do anything you wanted to with your time what would you do?

Walk on the beach? Read an inspirational book? Share your feelings with your loved ones? Learn to paint?
Even if you can’t spend all of your time on your passions, could you spend a few more minutes than you do now?

  1. Live clean

Prince’s parties were pretty famous for no drugs or booze. He served water, green juices, and veggie snacks.

Do you know people who always associate fun with wine or junk food? Next time you find your friends stuck in this rut, offer them some new ideas on how to have fun.

  1. Keep your brain and body active

Can you imagine being at a perfect weight and doing athletic dance moves at age 57? It’s entirely possible. Don’t settle for the lower standards many assume are inevitable with age. Prince was proof that you can do better.

  1. Don’t use medications for chronic problems

The sad fact is that Prince most likely died from prescription pain medicines. Do you have loved ones who take NSAIDS, pain meds, sleep aids, or antihistamines? Please read this recent article about their dangers and safer substitutes.

Prince RIPmy friend,

Dr. C

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