That Vitamin Movie FREE – The Power of Healing through Vitamins

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There are over 80 years of documented evidence that show how humble vitamins can prevent, and even cure, disease. Think major diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. That Vitamin Movie is a new documentary which records a journey that criss-crossed the globe looking for the truth.

Over 20 of the world’s top experts explain why big Pharma don’t want you to believe the reality of what vitamins can do for you. Plus, our founder, Sayer Ji, is one of the featured interviewees. 

The makers of
That Vitamin Movie have managed to bring together for the very first time many of the world’s leading experts on vitamins and supplements. Some have not agreed to be interviewed on camera for years.  It’s a beautifully shot documentary with life changing information and for 7 days only, happening NOW  to May 1st.

It’s absolutely free to view at this link.
Access the movie link now

Remember, you need to watch it before May 2nd, at which time, it will be taken down.

Enjoy the film, and please get the word out by sharing it with everyone you think needs to see it! Make sure to see it before May 2nd.

See you at the movie!

The team

P.S. Following this free screening is an exciting online event, The Vitamin Summit. Learn more here.


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2 Responses to That Vitamin Movie FREE – The Power of Healing through Vitamins

  1. I was introduced to vitamin and mineral supplements over 55 years ago and have found that the natural way is the best. Since that time I have been learning about herbs and other forms of natural healing. I’m afraid most people are not in tune with their body enough to know when to do a pre-emptive strike with natural medicinals. Way too many think of herbs and vitamins as magic bullets and wonder why they didn’t get well a day after taking a dose. It’s a lifestyle, not magic.

  2. lozzafun says:

    I agree 100%!… Our bodies come with a built in Dr., called the immune system… When given the proper tools, it can fight off a host of illness.. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s great to meet up with like minded people!

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