The Moment of Truth: Has the Silver Bullet Arrived?

Moment of Clarity

For the last few months, silver has crept higher under the radar, that is, until the last 2 weeks, where it started to become mainstream news. The silver price, which the banks had remarkably kept $14s and under for several months, had finally come off the lows, and it’s quickly made up for lost time.

This is now “make or break” time for this new rally.  As you can now see in this chart, after its recent stellar performance, silver is at a crucial crossroads now. Read more at link in headline….

Trump And Hillary Refuse To Explain Why They Both Share The Same Address In Delaware

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share something pertinent in common, after all – a tax haven cozily nested inside the United States.

No Energy Recovery In Sight: Freeport Fires 25% Of Its Oil And Gas Workers

FCX is taking immediate steps to reduce oil and gas costs further. In April 2016, FCX announced a new management structure and is instituting an approximate 25 percent oil and gas workforce reduction. The newly structured oil and gas management team is actively engaged in managing costs and developing plans to preserve and enhance asset values.

“The Men Behind The Curtain Are Being Revealed” – CEO Says Real-World Pricing To Return To Gold & Silver Markets

They are being revealed, most certainly… whether anybody actually takes a fall for it is a whole other discussion… It’s good someone is being held accountable in some form or fashion and at least we understand what we’re dealing with… If you start getting some of the manipulation to come out of the market for fear that people are going to get called out on it, then you can allow the fundamentals to play out… and the real world pricing is being seen in the precious metals space…

“A Total Game Changer” – From Over-Population To De-Population

An economic and financial system premised on perpetual growth was bound to run into trouble. What happens as population growth turns to population decline is honestly and literally a complete and total game changer. A flat to declining number of buyers and consumers opposite ramping elderly sellers plus their unfunded liabilities is a problem with no happy resolutions. Currencies (what will constitute “money”), “free-markets”, and perhaps the basis of civilization hang in the balance of the transition from high population growth to potential outright depopulation.

It Begins: Obama Forgives Student Debt Of 400,000 Americans

Joining the ranks of “broke lawyers” who can cancel their student debt, “Americans with disabilities have a right to student loan relief,” now according to Ted Mitchell, the undersecretary of education, said in a statement. Almost 400,000 student loan borrowers will now have an easier path to a debt bailout as Obama primes the populist voting pump just in time for the elections.

On top of “the student loan bubble’s dirty little secret,” here is another round of student debt relief…as MarketWatch reports,

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