Statement from Sheriff Tom Rummel – UPDATE from Ryan Family

From Sheriff Tom Rummel in 2013…

“I, therefore, want you to know that myself and my deputies will not enforce any federal regulations enacted by Congress, or executive orders of the President circumventing the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Sanders County. So help me God.”

It’s time for him to do what he said and stand by the Ryan family, putting a stop to the illegal arrests and Federal terrorism.

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Gavin Seim for Liberty

From the Ryan Family in Montana today regarding the illegal arrest warrant still out for Jake Ryan because he was at the Refuge.


“To all the patriots out there, we would like to update as best we can. This dilemma is certainly not over and every day brings new news, challenges and frustrations.

We know we are walking a fine line but we must proceed cautiously with firm conviction remembering always the words of LaVoy that all men need to be safe and all men must be free.

Please be patient and keep us in your prayers as we try to solve this dilemma. Remembering that no man has the right to tread upon another. Keep your thoughts positive and let’s once again gather our dreams of freedom and make it reality.” — The Ryan Clan.

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