People Vs. AIPAC: Mighty Pro-Israel Lobby Loses Grip in US & MORE Israel Related Headlines

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will hold a high-profile conference starting this weekend attended by many powerful American politicians. The meeting promises to become the most interesting event in a history of the political lobby, author and journalist Max Blumenthal told Loud & Clear’s Brian Becker.

AIPAC is considered to be the “main arm of the pro-Israeli lobby” in the US, has long seen unconditional bipartisan support in the US Congress. The lobby has long attempted to impose its will on US leaders in questions of foreign policy. For instance, it carried out a costly and ultimately unsuccessful campaign in the US to urge the American establishment to oppose the Iran nuclear deal, Blumenthal said. But this year, he pointed out, AIPAC has seen a decline in its political support.

“AIPAC is being challenged in the way it has never been, by coalescence of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement and by very unpredictable presidential campaign,” Blumenthal said to Becker, pointing to the ongoing presidential run in the country.

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MORE Israel Related Headlines

Israel Admits Role in Overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and Installation of President Al-Sisi, Planned in Cooperation with Egypt’s Military

Moscow Calls New Expropriation of Land by Israel in Palestine ‘Illegal’


Israel investigates anti-occupation NGO over leaked army secrets

Jewish vigilantes jailed over Paris attack on Gaza fundraising event




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