“Good Guys” Attempt Targeted Take-down While Supporting Overall Markets

Hedge funds and the price of oil are getting slammed today. This is no accident.

The Good Guys that control the computer programs that rig markets are attempting to take out the bad actors while maintaining control of the overall markets…and so far its working.
When Ackman Gets a Valeant Margin Call Today, This is What He Will be Selling
The key here is that the hedge funds tend to follow the leader so hedge fund assets are now in sell mode. Huge losses will be racked up for the 1st quarter 2016 as hedge funds use LEVERAGE!!
Meanwhile, oil continues on it’s downward trajectory – as planned. Watch for oil to bust through the $30 mark come the end of the month and a slew of destructive write-downs and bankruptcies hitting in the 2nd quarter.
This is by design and control of the Good Guys that are taking down the Global Fiat Monetary System. It is done with computers and derivatives and absolutely NO REGULATORS in sight.
But ultimately the Good Guys plan for selective take downs will fail. It has to fail to accomplish the overall goal of taking out the Bad Guys. There are just too many hidden away stashes of fiat money in off-shore accounts and hiding in “Dark Pools” of liquidity.
In the end it must ALL come down in order to start fresh.
So as we await the TOTAL and FINAL crash Roota has decided to take one further dip into the Crypo World!
For the remainder of this week ONLY – instead of $20 in Bitcoin with every subscription I will be giving away $20 in Hard Copy Etherium coins. Before you go saying that I am abandoning Bitcoin for another crypto-currency, I’m not. Bitcoin will be the “go to” crypto as the monetary system fails BUT just as Bitcoin will be the new digital currency, Etherium will be the foundation of ALL blockchain technology in the future.
Don’t ask me to explain how or why – I can’t. At least not clearly just as I couldn’t explain why Bitcoin would be so important back in 2010.
But over time I learned about it and it made sense. Like most people I kicked myself for not loading up on Bitcoin in the early days but now that I’m older and a little more savvy on how the FUTURE will operate I want to be involved with how the Blockchain really can help REBUILD the World AFTER the banks crash.
Currently, Ether Coins trade for around $10-$15/per coin but it’s very volatile and changes rapidly.
So there it is, You will get $20 in Hard Copy “Ether Coin” over the rest of this week if you subscribe or renew your Private Road Subscription. Of course, all renewals will be tacked on to the end of your current expiry date.
You can subscribe or renew here and your $20 in Hard Copy Ether Coin will be shipped directly to you:
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
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