More than 30 headlines


AE911Truth Webinars is a recurring four-part webinar series by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, designed to provide an overview of the evidence regarding the destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.
The series begins on the first Thursday of each month. Each of the four parts is presented twice per week, on Thursdays at 4:00 PM eastern time and on Sundays at 7:00 PM eastern time.
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If you haven’t been paying attention, Orange County, Calif., is in the midst of a massive scandal involving the district attorney’s office and the use of informants. DA Tony Rackauckas and his staff have been berated by judges (one of whom recused the entire office from a murder case), had convictions overturned and even let accused killers go free rather than disclose how they use informants. It’s a massive scandal and ought to be national news.

Here’s How The Establishment Will Steal The GOP Nomination From Trump

All the same, no one – not even Trump’s staunchest supporters – really know what to expect from a Trump presidency. And virtually no Washington veterans want to find out. In fact, as we reported last week, a group of GOP and tech execs recently made stopping Trump the topic of the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum, a secretive affair held on Sea Island, Georgia.

And although everyone now jokes about just how unstoppable the Trump “juggernaut” has become, the establishment isn’t called “the establishment,” for nothing. Trump may have proven remarkably adept at whipping certain sectors of the electorate into a veritable frenzy, but he himself will tell you that he’s no politician. In fact, he prides himself on being “outside the political fold,” so to speak.

Is Water A Human Right?

U.S. Passports For Domestic Flights Loom, IRS Can Now Revoke Passports

U.S. Passports For Domestic Flights Loom, IRS Can Now Revoke Passports

Turkey’s Erdogan Looks to Expand Terrorist Definition to Include Civilians

Russian court rejects Google’s anti-monopoly appeal — RT Business

Russia opposes any sanctions on Iran over missile tests

Zerohedge: Russian Support For Iranian Oil Output Increase Sends Crude Crashing Below $37

 Oil slips from three-month high as Iran snubs freeze

TRUMP-vs-SOROS | March 12 2016 the breakdown of the campaign contributions has been released.

CNBC – Oil falls 4% as Iran dampens hopes for output freeze

U.S. Government backs fascists who want to destroy Russia, by Eric Zuesse

Turkey Would Soon be Submerged into Chaos, by Alexander Orlov

Tokyo furious after US sailor arrested on suspicion of raping Japanese tourist in Okinawa

Tanks for nothing! US-backed Syrian rebel division attacked & looted by Al-Qaeda affiliate

Agenda 21 Explained for Dummies (Video)
This is Agenda 21 California – Government Driving Folks off Their Land (Video)

James Jaeger: How DC Destroyed Hollywood and What Must Be Done

Don’t worry – the anti-Zika GM mosquito is safe, says the FDA

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