BLM/Oregon: Judge Grasty’s Brother a BLM Agent and scandals of the BLM


From Professor Doom 1 youTube Channel:

Harney County Steven Grasty is a man of many titles. Oregon Live news reports Grasty is not only the Harney County Judge, he is the Health Adminstrator, County Commissioner, Chief Budget Officer and CEO!!! No separation of powers in Harney County. Grasty also oversees the County’s landfills.

Court records show another person who regularly attended County Court meetings named Sam Kasir also worked for the Saudi-American Oil Company until his death last year. Kasir regularly traveled to Saudi Arabia and to Switzerland. His wife Wanda also worked for the Saudi-American Oil Company and both were local Freemasons along with Bill Quier, the Harney County Planning Commissioner and Steven Grasty.

Court records show the Hammond’s also regularly attended meetings with the BLM. So they had to be pretty knowledgeable about the BLM’s activities.

Because the EPA has redefined water rights, people no longer own those rights on their land. Water is now defined as a mineral. Note: How Nestle has taken control of the water in California.

A secondary post (above) contains some vital information about the BLM, Court Rulings, etc.

Below is research and notes from a Reader, to whom we all owe a great deal. . . and at the very least, my thanks. ~J

Jean, I am sending you this educational and informative video link from Professor Doom 1 that captures an interview from rancher Wayne Hage, Sr. who lost his ranch in Nevada. Hage reveals the reasons why starting from about the 10:49 mark to about 16:39. Professor Doom 1 does a great job of informing us on the laws that pertain to ranching, mining and mineral rights.

This post contains my rough notes along with my comments in parenthesis from video linked below by Professor Doom 1. BTW, the Grasty/BLM thing appears to be a family affair. PD1 found Grasty’s brother, Brent is also listed as a BLM agent on the Vail, Colorado office website.

Uranium One is posting a lot of content related to events in Harney County and are concerned about “planned developments” in the area. (I did find in the minutes of the County Court meeting that Steven Grasty mentioned that they wanted to put “a wall around the development.” Why would they need to do that? So people can’t see what they are really doing?).

Former Nevada rancher of the Pine Creek Ranch Wayne Hage, Sr. reveals that ranchers sit over the majority of water resources in the Western States and international corporate interest in owning and controlling water is one of the key drivers behind putting ranchers out of business. Hage says the Forest Service and BLM laid claim to his water rights and then put him out of business using a ruling called the “Riparian East Doctrine” over “Prior Appropriation Rights.”

A barrel of fresh water is worth more than a barrel of oil (especially now with oil prices bottoming out!). (Now maybe we can begin to understand why the Saudi’s and Freeport-McMoRan and others under shell LLC’s are buying up all the water rights and farmland in the Southwest?) Hage says organizations like the Nature Conservancy will come in an buy these lands and water rights for pennies on the dollar then turn around and sell it off to whomever they want.

(This is exactly what happened with the Saugatuck Dunes Case in Michigan. Before he became Governor, Rick Snyder was on the BOD of the Nature Conservancy at the time when they purchased the land and water rights. And it just so happens this land sits over one of the largest drift aquifers in the State. They knew this and used environmental concerns to cover up the real motive for controlling the land. Next a Cabal front shell LLC development company came in with plans to put in a development adjacent to the aquifer. They illegally forced the local planning commission to change the zoning so they could gain access to the water and even went so far as to try to disguise their architectural and engineering plans enclosing a large pumphouse).

In a court ruling in Reno, NV., the 9th Circuit Court went around the jurisdiction of the local judge and sided with the BLM over Hage. The Court took away Hage’s water rights and turned them over to the BLM. History on this goes back to the Sagebrush Rebellion in 1979 where Nevada filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government and the BLM due to their overreach. In 1980 Ronald Reagon, siding with the ranchers promised to turn the lands back over to the States ,but that is not what happened. Secretary of the Interior James Watt loosened regulations so the lawsuit was dropped.

Who owns the mineral rights and what does that mean? The people are supposed to own those rights however, in 1916 the Mineral Rights Act was enacted stating that landowners do not own rights to the minerals on their land. That ruling was further clarified in 1982 defining minerals to include water.

How do geologists define a mineral? There are five basi characteristics. It must not be made by humans. It must be organic. It must be a solid. A limited number of physical compositions and have an ordered atomic structure. Water and oil are not a solid but the BLM has redefined what is a mineral and is treating water as mineral.

Mr. Hage talked about “Fees and Fee Simple.” In most cases the government owns the minerals. Now with the new definitions BLM decides who, or when you can use the land. For example the American people paid for this land just like the Louisiana Purchase and Alaska – so why do we not have access to it? The Federal Government did not pay for anything. We did! The Government has been taking these lands away from all of us in an unlawful manner.

Property owners like Hage owned both property and mineral rights which is known as a “Fee Simple Estate.” “Fee Simple” is the most basic type of ownership which means you own the surface and the subsurface and can lease your rights and receive royalty checks. What is happening is the BLM is extorting people from their land and then leasing it out to corporate interests either to pay off debts or to make money for themselves.

Mr. Hage’s case centered around the “Prior Appropriations Doctrine”, gave Hage the right to forage. Under the new doctrine the BLM has denied the use of those rights. The BLM claims they own the land and the rights. Ranchers are finding themselves surrounded by BLM land grabs that are putting them out of business. BLM grazing permits are being denied and that exacerbates the situation in which ranchers are increasingly finding themselves.

The Hammond’s ranch was identified by the BLM as “high potential for Uranium mining.” Water is now more valuable than oil. (Harney County apparently is now a major source of water along with Uranium and other valuable minerals. This corresponds with the previous documented studies I sent you that they are now trying to refute and cover up.)

Documented Studies:

Malheur County targeted for gold, uranium mines:

A list of some of the mining companies interested in Oregon, particularly Harney and Mahleur Counties:

“Oregon Energy LLC owns and operates uranium projects. It owns 72 uranium lode claims and spread across 580 hectares. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in the United States. Oregon Energy LLC operates as a subsidiary of Energy Ventures Ltd.”

Info on Energy Ventures:

Energy Ventures is formally known as Uranium One:

Now Russian ARMZ Uranium Holding:

Interesting blog on how Russia now controls most of the US uranium through the NAFTA trade agreement, with the assistance of the Clintons and Canadian Billioniare Frank Guistra:

Calico Resources appears to be a major stakeholder in extracting gold in Malheur County next to Harney County where according to Ammon Bundy the Federal Governement wants to establish a National Monument that would affect 350-400 ranchers:

Background on Oregon Energy LLC’s proposal to the BLM. According to this information the project was put on-hold due to Sage Grouse habitat concerns:

BLM NonRenewableEnergyDevelopment.pdf map. This BLM map shows the locations of Uranium mining many which overlap the DOD’s interests:

Oregon Geology Study posted by Dr.William Mount:

I suggest going to William Mount’s youTube channel at this link for more discussion and information on the natural gas reserves and other valuable resources found in the area:

Hydrology map for Harney County:

Harney County Judge Steven Grasty says he was shocked about the State imposing a water extraction moratorium in the county. If the STATE OF OREGON is a corporation then my guess is that would make the Oregon Department of Water Resources a corporation too. The Ground Water Manager placed a 5 year well drilling moratorium in Harney County but so far has only made anedoctal statements about the Harney Basin being in trouble. Where’s the proof? Ammon Bundy said in the Dave Hodge’s interview that ranchers access to water has been cut off. I think this needs to be reviewed very carefully too.

This is direct link to the Oregon Department of Water Resources maps:

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